Medicare Advantage is the plan that offers extra services which are not provided by the traditional Medicare.

Seniors who have relevant information regarding this plan no longer wish to apply for any other plan since this is a stand-alone plan plus it has other added benefits which are not available in original Medicare.

This means that costs incurred by the individual senior will be reduced.

The companies that offer this plan offer them in such a unique way that one may not be able to make a choice over which company to go with.

It’s therefore essential to ensure that the senior gets proper guidance from the doctors who are more knowledgeable about the best companies or even from the elder seniors who have had experience with these companies.

Medicare Advantage plans are partly sponsored by the government and the insurance companies manage the other part. Therefore the insurance companies take advantage of the government and the original Medicare where they end up making huge profits from the seniors.

At times, they may not have much to spend on medication and as such the premium paid is not utilized making the Insurance companies generate a lot of revenue at the end of the year.

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AARP medicare advantage plans 2019

The additional benefits of Medicare advantage plan include;

  1. Dental
  2. Prescription for the coverage of drugs though this one has limits to which it can offer.
  3. Optical care

These services are fully covered, and you do not have to pay on the Copays, Coinsurance and the deductibles that are in the original Medicare. However, depending on the type of the comprehensive plan that is available, one still pays for the copay though the benefits are, more than the cost of maintaining it.

When you enroll for Medicare, the insurance company must get a referral letter from your doctor, and you must accept to run with the available doctors that are within the pool for you to access the additional benefits.

Since this plan might be expensive, one should check on his health first and ensure that if you do not suffer from a particular condition, then it’s advisable.

Medicare Advantage plan is a good plan even though it is a bit expensive compared to Original Medicare which is available for everyone and it’s, therefore, essential to make the necessary inquiries before signing for the Insurance cover to avoid disappointments in case you are unable to cater for the premium.