The kid writes about:Deerling – Pokemon black and white

 ”Hello!!! I am Iris and this is my friend Ash!!!”                                                                                 Read more →


On limiting screen time

All of the things that come into the house  to distract us! Somewhere,somehow we had fallen into a habit of being on some kind of device during any possible free moment. It was bad on weekdays. The kids would rush inside after school and have their snack,reaching for the I Read more →

engine 2 choices

Engine 2 Challenge Recap

This recap is about nine days late….you see I wrote all of this in my head but then I never came online and actually typed the words. (When blogging by thought becomes possible I’m going to be big news,y’all. Okay-probably not but let’s pretend,okay?) The thing about Engine 2 for Read more →


I was riding a wave of Frozen geekdom…

I watched the Oscars last night like a lot of people and apparently;like a lot of parents,I let my kids stay up to watch too. Idina Menzel was going to be on singing ‘Let it Go” how could I not? She wasn’t the only highlight of the evening for my Read more →


Weekly #Engine2diet Meal Plan

I function better with a meal plan. So much better. My grocery bill isn’t crazy high and we actually use everything we bought before it goes bad. Last week I never got around to making one and I remembered again why this is such an important thing for me to Read more →

vegan enchiladas are good

My Vegan Enchilada Recipe

Disclaimer: This is my Vegan Enchilada recipe. It’s based on how my mother showed me to make enchiladas and that might be a totally different way to how your momma or grandmother showed you how to make enchiladas. I get it-family recipes are  a personal thing. (I only mention this Read more →


Engine 2 Challenge,lunch ideas

The Engine 2 Challenge has gone pretty smoothly. I’ve had about three coffees this month-but that’s coming from a three coffee a day habit. I ate two things that weren’t really plant strong- a couple of slices of cheese less pizza from little Caesar’s and a veggie de-light sub from Read more →


A few Engine 2 breakfast ideas

The Engine 2 Challenge has been going pretty well for me. I did cheat on Sunday and have a coffee but it wasn’t because I felt like I needed a coffee. I just missed the routine of it, if that makes sense? I’ve been having a hot water and lemon Read more →

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